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Taking pride in our neighbourhoods

New approach sees areas targeted by residents and the East team

A clean, healthy and attractive environment is essential to everyone’s wellbeing. 

That is why maintaining and improving the streets, parks and other open spaces around Edinburgh is one of the four top priorities of the Council’s neighbourhoods.

As part of their local plan, the neighbourhoods are working closely with other partner agencies and, importantly, local communities to make a real difference to the environment.

As we approach spring 2012, Outlook has been speaking to the neighbourhood managers and members of the community about the projects which are making a real difference.

Neighbourhood Pride

A blitz approach to cleaning and repairing streets in one East area has proved so popular it is to be rolled out across the whole neighbourhood.

Cleaning and maintenance work for local roads was badly needed but was being hampered by parked cars.

The East area environment team decided to persuade car owners in the Portobello and Craigmillar/Craigentinny and Duddingston Neighbourhood to move their vehicles to allow a thorough clean and repair “Neigbourhood Pride” programme to take place.

Homes were leafleted and messages sent out via Outlook, websites and the East area team’s Twitter account.

Over eight weeks starting last September, teams from the Council’s task force, roads defect team, gully team and blacksmiths targeted 19 streets in the area.

The campaign was so successful it is to be repeated in other streets in the area throughout March and April.

Neighbourhood manager Jim Hunter said there had been some teething troubles with temporary road patching and there was a need for more public awareness about removing cars.

“This approach is almost like a blitz, moving all our resources into an area and addressing roads problems in a very short period of time.

“It is a good example of where working with the local community, we can make a real difference to the environment.

“We have learned some valuable lessons from last year’s pilot and are looking forward to rolling it out across the area this spring.”


Parks are the pride of the East area – and the Council is calling on the community to make sure they stay that way.

The East team is very proud of its three parks which have retained their Green Flag status and is continually working with friends groups and partners, to improve other parks and open spaces.

Last year, working with Friends of Lochend Park, the team carried out a series of improvements including the installation of a viewing platform and increasing the biodiversity around the pond. This work was funded by a waste recycling environmental grant

Following local consultation, work has started at Rosefield Park in Portobello. This will include a grass meadow and planting along the burn.

The team is now consulting on a multi-use games area and seeking external funding for part of this project.

Local environment manager James Hunter said: “Locals will also notice that some of the existing shrub beds within the area have had new planting.

“The Lochend Community Garden has recently been established with funding from the Craigentinny & Duddingston Neighbourhood Partnership Area Board and Carr-Gorm Housing Association. Local residents and schools have played a key part in this ‘Growing Project’.

“Another area board-funded project is the new Northfield Ballpark, with funding from Northfield Community Council.”


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