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This again is one of the most frequently thrown questions out there.  The basic answer to this question is that the symptoms of withdrawal tend to reach its peak after about three days. After that, it then starts developing into a descending curve for about an extra two to three weeks. This is just about the same time frame that the nicotine in your body remains in the circulatory system. It is worth mentioning that though the average human system can be fast in adjusting itself, nonetheless, most of your organs will start rebalancing within that first three days.


Can One Possibly Quit Cigarette And At The Same Time Retain His Original Weight?

When one quits that cigarette, there tend to be some changes in their appetite. This is determined by the chemical changes that have been induced for having smoked for a long period of time. At the same time a smokers mind can get used to lighting that cigarette in those moments he gets anxious. Both of these factors can trigger some smokers to develop that craving for food as a way of finding comfort.