About our company


We arein this tea business for more than 10 years now and we offer to help the customers with our different varieties. There have been a lot of different varieties that have made an entry into the market and we see that each one is offered to thecustomerwith their health benefitsbriefed. In the present-dayworld, information and facts abouteverythingpeople buyand use has become very important and customers make it a point to note all the details before they pay for anything. There is huge awareness about how the adulterated products and stuff affect our body.

So we try to make their hunt a better andeasyone by displaying all the healthbenefits and informationabout them on the shop floor in the particular section. We also try to satisfy all the needs of all the customers by stacking all types of tea.We have different varieties and flavors of greentea, natural tea, medicinal tea and also the normal tea. And we also try to stack all possible flavorsand varieties available in each of these categories becausethe choices and preferences of people vary from one another. We try to procure and stack different types of tea from different countries and hence serve as a one-stopshop for the all the variousneeds and expectations.

We are trying to make our outlet an exclusive tea shop wherein any and every tea need of a person gets fulfilled and we with pride say that we are halfwaythrough andwould achieve the status of the best tea shop very soon. Come tous, pick the best flavor of your choice and make your day fresh with our drinkin the morning.We are very sure that we will have youhere the next time too for our choices and range is huge and there is nothing that would be missing from our shelves.


Benefits of taking loose leaf tea

Tea is rated as the second most preferred beverage in the world next to coffee. Though we say that tea has an edge over coffee when comes to health benefits, the fad forcoffee has never diminished. Tea, that too loose leaf tea, has a lot to offer us,especially in our healthy living. It has been medically and scientifically proved that loose leaf tea canprevent a number of cancer types, has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss and also strengthens the immune system. This is mostly lost in the packed tea stuff.You get to taste a better flavored and aromatic tea from the loose leaf tea because their bigger and larger size helps in holding back many natural oils and they get steeped while brewing. But this is lost in the packed tea in tea bags because when they are broken down intosmall pieces, they tend to lose all these.

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