Tea Or Coffee? –Which Is Better For Me?


For almost everybody, the day starts fresh with the first drink which is either coffee or tea. For a few,it is this that wakes them up fresh from the bed. There are lotsof benefits in taking a drink in the morning. People have different choices for their morning drink;a few prefer tea while a fewothers coffee and a few others just water. Tea has been proved to be a better and healthy drink for the human body when compared to coffee. Of course,coffee is good too but just once a day, either in the morning or the eveningsince it is considered good for the heart and its functioning. Tea can be made from either loose tea or the tea bags.

Well,loose tea is what is getting filled in a bag and comes as tea bags,is what many of us opine and understand. Of course yes and the source from where they come is the same, the tea plant;but there definitely is a distinct difference between the two and itis important that we get to know this and the subtle contrast.We have many top class tea brands that offer to give the best quality tea with the best aroma and taste. And these are again as said above from the loose tea leaves. But you cannot always expectall the tea bags to have the best tea leaves in them which is not the case with the loose tea leaves. With a beverage that is made from loose tea leaves,you can definitely expect good quality and they are always made fromthe best and quality tea leaves and this isone major difference between the two. The loose tea leaves are just broken down into small pieces making them easy for the extraction process while preparing the beverage while the tea bags that get packed up and wrapped up nicely are the finest forms of these tea leaves and they undergo many processes through many machines and there are all possibilities for them to losetheir aroma and quality.

As said above, loose leaf tea isbigger in size than those packed in the bags. These packed tea bags might also contain tea dust. And these bags can be used only once in the preparation of the beverage and they also do not need too much of steeping and would give out the brew very fast. But remember they are of one-timeuse. When comes to loose leaf tea, they retain their quality and aroma for more number of brews and hence can be used to make the best-tastingtea even for the second time, without a loss in the flavor. If you have tasted both these types of tea, you would have definitely noticedor experienced a taste in their tastes for the ones that are made from fresh tea leaves taste better and stronger than those thatwe generally use at home, the packed stuff. The viscosity is higher too in the beverage made from the loose tea leaves. There is a specialaroma that comes out from this tea when compared to those packedin a bag. It makes you feel natural and givesthat real freshness and taste.


Benefits of taking loose leaf tea

Tea is rated as the second most preferred beverage in the world next to coffee. Though we say that tea has an edge over coffee when comes to health benefits, the fad forcoffee has never diminished. Tea, that too loose leaf tea, has a lot to offer us,especially in our healthy living. It has been medically and scientifically proved that loose leaf tea canprevent a number of cancer types, has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss and also strengthens the immune system. This is mostly lost in the packed tea stuff.You get to taste a better flavored and aromatic tea from the loose leaf tea because their bigger and larger size helps in holding back many natural oils and they get steeped while brewing. But this is lost in the packed tea in tea bags because when they are broken down intosmall pieces, they tend to lose all these.

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